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Election primary nears close

With less than a week to go, the first phase of the staged election season is nearing its crescendo. This season’s political campaign has been sure to please for political junkies like me. All the pageantry of campaigning, the handshaking, parking lot barbeques, and all the political gossip will close with a significant narrowing of the field of candidates.

The ballot will be crowded this year as in County races as every open office has four or more candidates to choose from. The political machines have endorsed their candidates and will soon dispatch paid workers to distribute ballots at the polls on Election Day. Those receiving the endorsements should not get too comfortable as the actual strength of those endorsements remains to be seen.

For the candidates not receiving such endorsements, the work to be the favorite among voters begins anew as they become emboldened to work that much harder. The vast majority of Macon County voters don’t belong to any of these groups and will for the most part, make their decision based upon personal contact, visibility and political image.

The endorsements by local groups will ultimately harm those same groups in the long run as a large number of candidates and supports will have axes to grind in the looming runoff elections. I suspect most of those finishing outside the top two spots on Election Day will have significant influence on who ultimately wins the Democratic nominations locally.

For the most part, most of the political activity has been conducted in the Tuskegee area, with little to no attention paid to those in the other communities. Some candidates, have spent time working the ground and conducting door-to-door contacts outside Tuskegee, and will most likely reap the rewards for that outreach.

While I haven’t participated in any of the staged political events of any of the political machines, I have paid close attention to the issues at hand. Some of the candidates running have issues of residency. Several are rumored to either own homes or rent apartments in neighboring counties for various reasons. I think every voter should definitely take that issue into account on Election Day. I sure can’t wait until next week to see the results.

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