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Visible Growth in Shorter

The Town of Shorter is undergoing a transformation with new growth and development throughout the area.  The growth is positively impacting the community with developments that are creating new jobs and increasing wealth in the area.             

The new developments are welcome news for a community that has worked to overcome several economic challenges on its quest to become a growing hub for business and industrial development.  Just last week, the community saw the opening of a newly built Dollar General store on the corner of Main and First St. in Shorter.  The national retailer opened its doors last Wednesday to a waiting crowd of local residents anxious to experience the feeling of shopping in their own community.

Just down the street from the Dollar General, construction of a Love’s Travel Center store is underway.  The $14 million development is slated for completion by March 2015 and will bring with it fast food giants McDonald’s and Subway.  The total development will create around 85 jobs and further transform the Shorter economy into one of self-sufficiency.  As is stands today, the almost 600 workers at Halla Visteon often travel to other communities on their lunch breaks.  With the opening of Love’s much of the need to travel outside of Shorter for food will change.

In an open field behind the Love’s development, a crew of men are working to complete a bore project under I-85 for phase two of the natural gas line extension.  The project is an effort of South East Alabama Gas District (SEAGD) which recently completed a gas line into the Shorter Tech Park to serve Halla Visteon.  The second phase of the project will allow Love’s and other existing businesses along Main St. to connect and use the resource in their daily operations.  The new infrastructure is a major boost for the Town of Shorter in that it will make it possible for other natural gas dependent restaurants to build in Shorter.

Over in the Shorter Tech Park, builders are putting the finishing touches on a new $6 million warehouse for Halla Visteon.  The new facility will create huge cost savings for Halla Visteon and allow the company to implement planned expansion efforts and new jobs at the facility.  The project is the result of a public/private partnership between Halla Visteon, Town of Shorter and a private investment group. 

All combined, these projects represent progress in the community and demonstrates the business community has confidence in the Shorter market and is willing to invest for future profit.  Planning for development is essential if a community is to succeed.  The Mayor and Shorter Town Council have worked cooperatively to improve the community and should be applauded for their efforts.  Shorter is fortunate to have a team of leaders working together in its interest.  

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