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Halla Visteon launches another expansion

Just over a year ago, Halla Visteon Climate Control Systems cut the ribbon on its latest expansion project at its production facility in the Shorter Technology Park. Now the management team at HVCC and the officials at the Town of Shorter are celebrating another such effort.

The company through a cooperative effort with the Town of Shorter and its private partners has begun construction of a new warehouse building immediately adjacent to the existing plant. The planned 70,000 sq. ft. production warehouse will help HVCC centralize its product storage and cut costs for shipping and storage. The facility will also significantly improve quality control for HVCC products and ultimately result in new jobs in the Shorter/Macon County area. The new facility will cost just under $10 million to develop and will position the Shorter facility for future expansions in the coming years.

As the largest private sector employer in Macon County, HVCC has continually demonstrated its commitment to its initial promise to build and grow with and in Macon County. The Town of Shorter has stepped up to match the company efforts by securing a natural gas line from Pike Road into Shorter that will allow HVCC to add new production capability to serve new automotive customers. The gas line recruitment effort was spearheaded by Macon County Economic Developer Joe Turnham on behalf of the Town of Shorter and is being developed and serviced by South East Alabama Gas District.

The added infrastructure and new development are continuing signs of progress and economic growth in the Shorter area. The added infrastructure will all Shorter to increase the range of industrial clients it can pursue. These new developments along with others throughout Macon County are also tangible evidence of cooperation between local governments and the Macon County Economic Development Authority. Let’s pray for more and even better development in the near future.

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