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Fall Fest 2018

The leaves are changing and the weather is getting cool. Fall is in the air. Come join us at our Fall Fest 2018.

Another industry for Shorter

The Town of Shorter continues its fast paced march towards growth and development with the announcement of its latest industrial resident.  LogisAll, is an international logistics company, with operations Korea, China, Japan and now Shorter, Alabama.

Visible Growth in Shorter

The Town of Shorter is undergoing a transformation with new growth and development throughout the area.  The growth is positively impacting the community with developments that are creating new jobs and increasing wealth in the area.              

Shorter to hold Fall Fest Event

The Town of Shorter continues it busy pace of activity with the announcement of the upcoming Shorter Fall Fest event.  The event is an annual activity and is set to occur on Saturday, November 8 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the lawn at the Shorter Municipal Center.

Shorter economy poised for growth.

The last several years have been difficult ones economically for the Town of Shorter.  The community has suffered numerous economic setbacks over the years, yet has continued to show signs of progress and long-term growth potential.

Shorter Tech Park Open House

Continuing the break neck pace of development, the west Macon community is preparing to hold an open house at its newly completed industrial building in the Shorter Tech Park along Halla Bama Dr.  

Election primary nears close

All the pageantry of campaigning, the handshaking, parking lot barbeques, and all the political gossip will close with a significant narrowing of the field of candidates.

Halla Visteon launches another expansion

Just over a year ago, Halla Visteon Climate Control Systems cut the ribbon on its latest expansion project at its production facility in the Shorter Technology Park. Now the management team at HVCC and the officials at the Town of Shorter are celebrating another such effort.

Gas line to Shorter complete

Less than three months after the construction start of a natural gas line into Shorter from the Pike Road area, phase 1 of the planned extension is now complete and set to go online by the end of this week.

Shorter schedules Liberty Day events

Town of Shorter Staff and volunteers have been busy over the last week planning and preparing for the annual Shorter Liberty Day weekend. This year, the event will cover a two day period and is scheduled to occur June 27 and 28.

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